Martini Travels: Photography by Terry Zinn

     ~ Terry Zinn says, “What is more modern and elegant for celebrating the good life, than savoring a Martini respite ? "  ~  

Over the more than 25 years of my travel writing and travel photography, I have found that travelers seek a sense of place and time which they can not get at home. They seek to comfortably visit locales at their optimum season, as they may only get a one time chance, what with budget restraints of time and treasure.  And what better way to savor a favorable travel destination than with a relaxing beverage, such as the Martini? With a photography of my respite I can relive the joyous experience and share them with others.  Some have suggested that I have "photo shopped" in a glass over other images, but not so. Each image has been made on site and no photo shop manipulation, other than perhaps cropping, has ever been consummated. In face I don't even have the photo shop application. Limited edition prints are available for purchase.

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By covering Lodging, Food, and Attractions in my travel articles, the reader gets an over view of an area, what it has to offer them. I always place web links to the lodgings, restaurants, and attractions I visit and recommend. In this manner the reader has the information ready for them to book and explore their visits. My award winning photography helps expand the reader’s interest and brings vitality, as well as more information to the article.

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Zinn is past president of the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association, and in 2007 was given the “Exhibitors Choice” Journalist award, voted on by 72 national and international professional travel exhibitors at the Palm Springs Travel Media Showcase. In 2004 he was awarded “Best Travel Photographer at the Tucson, Arizona’s TMS. In 2007 Zinn was recognized for his three Official Oklahoma Centennial Projects by the State of Oklahoma. 

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Terry Zinn, Editor/Journalist/Photographer